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Commercial Services

Complete suite of Treasury Management Services to allow your business to efficiently deposit, disburse, protect and manage your Bank of Burlington relationship.

Bank of Burlington’s team will provide hands-on assistance through implementation and ongoing support.

Treasury Management Services

Getting funds into your account

Bank of Burlington has multiple ways to deposit funds into your account on your schedule.

  • Convenient – create and schedule transaction to receive funds on your schedule
  • Secure – reduces the risk of lost or late checks
  • Efficient – fewer incoming checks to process
  • Simple – fast transfers with next day availability of your funds*

*Credit approval required.

  • Convenient – payments electronically post to your account
  • Secure – Bank of Burlington is a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network
  • Easy – bank to bank transfers on your schedule
  • History – access and view all deposit history online

  • Convenient – deposit checks from anywhere
  • Secure – helps avoid check fraud
  • Easy – straight forward in the Bank of Burlington app
  • History – access and view all deposit history online

  • Tracking – provides a history of all of your deposits
  • Secure – helps avoid check fraud
  • Quick – deposit checks as soon as they are received from your office
  • Easy – straight forward scanner with the added bonus of hands-on support if needed

Payment capabilities from your account

Bank of Burlington offers several ways to make payments from your account on your schedule.

  • One of the fastest and most cost-effective methods for moving funds electronically.
  • May be used for direct deposit (payroll), and tax payments.
  • Same day ACH capability available.

  • Create and process domestic or foreign wire transfers between financial institutions.
  • Bank-to-bank wire transfers are considered the safest payment method.
  • Always call to confirm wire instructions received before sending funds to reduce the possibility of fraud.

  • Traditional method of making payments.
  • Consider Positive Pay to help prevent check fraud protection.

  • Pay bills through Bank of Burlington Online or Bank of Burlington Mobile in a more convenient way and on your schedule.
  • It’s fast, easy and puts you in complete control.

Fraud Protection Services

Protecting your account and funds

Bank of Burlington offers several fraud protection services to prevent unauthorized transactions.

  • Prevent check altering and forgery 
  • Checks presented against your account are matched to a list of checks you provide to the bank.  Any checks not on your list are flagged for your review
  • Positive pay compares check number, amount, and payee information
  • Provides security knowing the checks being paid are the checks you issued.

  • Protect your account from electronic fraud
  • Electronic transactions on your list of approved companies are paid automatically.  All others are flagged for your review and decision.
  • Manage the list of approved companies online with Bank of Burlington Online Banking.
  • Provides security knowing the electronic transactions posting to your account are valid.

Automated Account Management

Our systems automatically support your accounts so that you can focus on running your business.

Zero Balance Account

  • Convenient, automated transfers, local disbursing and depositing authority while providing centralized cash control.

Sweep Accounts

  • Benefit from the convenience of automatically investing excess balances to increase earnings or paying down your working capital line of credit.

IntraFi ICS

With IntraFi ICS, you can enjoy the safety of additional FDIC insurance with the simplicity of a single banking relationship.


  • Access to deposit insurance over the FDIC $250,000 insurance limit on a customer relationship.

Bank Smart

  • Earn interest and maintain access to funds directly through a banking relationship you know and trust.
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